Winter Takes Its Toll

March 1, 2010

i lost the puff ball on the top of my favorite winter hat.   It’s that type of hat with the ear covers and braided strings, making it look like you had some colorful dreadlocks or pigtails.   I bought it specifically for those earcovers.  Somehow a hat and scarf combination can never quite unite enough to cover my entire ear, leaving the tips or lobes exposed to the cold chill of this winter we’re having.

Sadly, this loss could have been prevented.  I’ve been shoveling and snowblowing a lot this weekend, thus throwing my winter gear into an ice-coated, sweaty, wet mess.  So, i decided to do a load of laundry to get rid of the gassy exhaust smell from the snoblower and the grime from dirty snow. 

When the wash cycle finished, i started pulling out the contents, noticing a few threads of yarn sticking to the towels and scarfs.  Each time i pulled out an item, i collected more and more threads.  I thought my hat was a goner, but when i extracted it, i realized the puff ball on top was no longer puffy, no longer a ball, even.  Two lone threads stuck up, the last remaining.  When i gathered all the loose threads together, i didn’t realize how big it really was…how many threads there were up there on my head, wobbling around as i shoveled.

I’m glad the entire hat didn’t de-thread, and at least now i know not to wash the hat in the machine.  Poor puff ball.


2 Responses to “Winter Takes Its Toll”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Aw, I loved that hat, too. RIP, puff bull.

  2. Adrianism Says:

    Shoulda used a net for the hat. I did the same thing once. But I wonder if this was a sign for u. Unravel the balls in your life Allie!

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