Girdles for Men?

March 2, 2010

I was sitting in my allergists’ office the other day flipping through a magazine. I almost never read magazines, so silly as this may sound, that’s the one thing i look forward to when going to dr. appointments.  Hey, you have to get excited for something, right.  I mean, it’s the doctor’s office.

My allergist has good mags, too, like National Geographic, U.S. News and World Report and Redbook!  This is where i saw a most interesting ad.  It was hidden amongst pages of other ads for beauty products, ways to organize your closet, and healthy snack ideas.  It had that Home Shopping Network layout.  Lots of text, proven medical sponsorship, a fake looking male model wearing…what?  It looked like a corset . . . for men.  Why would a man need a corset unless he was in drag?  Is this a fashion fad i missed, was unaware of simply because of my gender?

According to the DELICIOUS CORSETS website, male corsets have been around for centuries:

“The use and wear of corsets by men historically was not an uncommon practice. Not only did it provide sturdy back support for activities such as riding and hunting, but it also created the very narrow waist, broad shouldered look that men’s fashions of the day dictated”

When i looked at the ad more closely, i realized it wasn’t a corset, but a girdle . . . a girdle for men.  At this point, i was dumbfounded, just as i am at a loss for words on how to describe the quixotic look on my face.  The oddest part was the look on the man’s face. It was like he was celebrating.  That hope-filled, cheerful smile.  I guess if he was that happy about the girdle, it must be a pretty fabulous tummy sucker.  Go men!  Beer gut?  No way!  Not with the Belly Buster Model 960! By the way, i didn’t make up that name.

You can learn more by visiting Men’s Girdles.  This is not a site for the faint of heart.  Brace yourself.  There’s a lot of male girdle action going on and you don’t want to get side-swiped.


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