March 4, 2010

I’ve spent nearly the last six months in the Philippines, an opportunity i received with my company. During my stay i grew to love many things and one of those was the food. Especially mango shakes!  A dear friend sent me back to the states with a Filipino cooking book so i could continue enjoying many of the dishes i tried.



Earlier this week i chose a recipe from this book.  Kaldereta.  It’s very similar to beef stew.  As with most recipes, i altered it slightly, adding some crushed red pepper and chili powder to give it a kick and leaving out the liver spread and olives.  I don’t even know what liver spread is or if the grocery carries it.   If the taste is anything like liver, than i probably wouldn’t like it.

I even cut up all the ingredients on the cutting board i purchased for 70Php in Banaue.  That’s just over one dollar!  I threw all the ingredients in my crock pot and let it cook for about five hours.  The vegetables were a little mushy, so next time i’ll have to add them towards the end.  I might try seasoning the beef as well.  Still, the meal turned out surprisingly well.  



One Response to “Kaldereta”

  1. Russell Says:

    That’s too long to cook kaldereta. And you’re right, the veggies should be added when the meat is already tender and the flavor is just about right.

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