What Am I?

March 9, 2010

I am an owl,
A silent observer
Watching from the trees.

I am the dirt,
Trodden upon
And slept on by weary travelers.

I am an old book,
Never fully read
And lost among the dusty shelves.

I am the sun,
Brightening someone’s day
Then shying behind a cloud.

I am a rock,
Strong but stubborn
Unmovable yet dull

I am an ocean,
Vast and unknown
Mysterious and scary.

I am the wind,
Rustling through your hair
And quickly disappearing around the corner.

I am a chair,
Used for its purpose
And shoved back under the table.

I am all of these,
But when it really matters
What amI?


One Response to “What Am I?”

  1. Adrian Says:

    love this poem

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