May 31, 2010

Last year i felt a change coming, welcomed it with open arms.   I knew it would be big.  And it will be.  I’m just stuck in-between what was and what will be.  Stuck like mud.  Dragging my feet.  Waiting for direction.  I used to be confident of who i was, where i was headed, my comfortable little life.

I thought i knew myself.  Thought i was strong enough to deal with this change.  This only makes me feel weaker-emotionally, mentally and physically. I’m not me.  But i can’t seem to get me back. 

I’m inspired, but i can’t seem to create anything.  Bored, yet unmotivated.  Curious, but lacking the energy to discover.  There are too many distractions around me, distractions i gladly give in to.  I’m waiting for that moment where i suddenly wake up and know what i need to do.  But i’m afraid i’ll keep hitting the snooze button until it’s too late.


One Response to “In-between”

  1. mama b Says:

    Dear allison,
    i’m thinking of so many of the prophets and God’s people who have felt the same way you do.look at the list of scriptures in your bible concordance, that has to do with (wait,waited waiting waits).i especially felt comfort from Romans 8:16-28!Psalm 40 is one that i’ve given much thought to. hope is confident expectation…
    GOD has GREAT THINGS in store for those who wait upon Him. you will find the answers to the puzzle of your situation with the Help of the Holy Spirit.
    p.s. it was cozy by the fire, and camping and hiking with you was fun.(God led His people by a cloud in the day and a fire by night) He leads you too. LOVE mama b

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