Internet Outage

June 21, 2010

Lately, i have had some internet connection issues.  It’s taken me nearly a week to get this problem resolved, and I believe this is mainly because there is some lesson i am to learn in dealing with the phone company. 

Day 1

One of my favorite (not so) helpful tidbits the automated hold man tells you is to go to their website for help with your problem.  And this after i’ve shouted five times into the phone INTERNET CONNECTION from the list of choices as to why i’m calling. 

When are the hold robots going to get a system upgrade to improve their hearing?  I would love to visit your website and be able to find the answer myself, but I CAN’T GET ON THE INTERNET due to my INTERNET CONNECTION problem.

Once i finally did schedule a tech visit, i was told they would come between 8AM and 12PM the next day and the tech would call me when they were on their way.  At this time, i specifically asked for them to call my cell since my land line hand-held was dead.

Day 2

So, they called the land line, after 12PM, at which point i had already left the house.  I later got a message on my cell, and when i tried returning his call, no one answered and the voicemail lady informed me in her monotonous tone, that this user had not set up a voicemail account.

Day 3

I finally got ahold of the tech, who said since everything was running fine on the outside lines, i would need to call the help number again to schedule another appointment to have them look at my hook-up inside the house.

Day 4

Again, i stressed the importance of calling my cell number.  Again, the tech called the land line.  Maybe the account profile robots keep automatically deleting my celly telly because it is not the same provider.

As i was pulling into my drive, between my scheduled appointment time of 4 and 8PM, i noticed a service truck parked on the street.  The tech exclaimed my good timing as he met me at the side door.  This was a different tech from the one who’d already come and gone due to my not having received his message….on my land line.

I let him inside and after trying various change-outs of modems and routers, we would have been able to solve the issue if i had known what my password was so he could sync my service up with the new hardware.  However, after a hearty search through my folder of phone stuff, i was unable to find any record of my password.  He also would have been able to change it if he didn’t have someone else’s laptop.

So, he left with instructions on what i needed to tell the service desk, assuring me the problem would then be resolved. 

Once again, i called the 800 number and was eventually connected with Rod, a very pleasant young man from San Francisco, who helped me with one of the issues and then forwarded me on to another group to handle the resetting of my password. 

Apparently, there are issues with the servers that sends signals to your computer and thus i could not reset my password and was told to try again the next day.
Day 5

Maybe if they pulled all the hold robots off their hold-talking jobs and got them working on fixing the servers, i’d have internet service in my own home instead of at some coffee place where i had to buy a $10 gift card in order to get “free” wireless service.

Day 6

Lesson learned?  Cancel land-line service and make my cell phone the only number with which to contact me.


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