Sun Magic

July 27, 2010

Many years ago, i saw a documentary film on Tupperware.  This film appealed to me for two reasons. 

  1. My mother used to tote me along to these parties when i was younger.  She always packed me an egg salad sandwich, properly sealed in a Tupperware container, of course.  This childhood memory sparked my grown-up curiosity in learning more about the 50s phenomenon.
  2. I needed to know the secret on how to get rid of the dreaded tomato stain.  Sadly, i forgot this information shortly after seeing the film.


A new recipe experiment–key ingredient: tomato sauce–recently left my Tupperware lids with a orangey, spray-tanish glow.  First, I soaked them in baking soda and then tried rubbing lemons over them.  With no change in color, i went to the internet for help. 

After filtering through the methods i’d already tried, i stumbled upon a post suggesting i lay the lids, stain-side up, out in the sun.  No scientific explanation accompanied this, in my mind, utterly ridiculous approach on how this was going to get my lids back to their original pasty color.  And to my astonishment, it did just that!  


How is this possible?  What kind of sun magic is this?  Will this miracle also work on clothing?  I’m still in shock!  Really, how many things have you tried because you saw or read about it on the internet and it actually worked?


3 Responses to “Sun Magic”

  1. anon Says:

    It’s simple sun bleaching. Just like how your hair goes lighter when you spend a lot of time outside. Maybe you’ve seen those old cars with lighter, faded paint. You might have seen a towel that’s been left in the weather and later on, the top is parched white while the rest of it has retained most of its color, or a patio chair.

    Hope that helps explain it.

  2. Rico Mambo Says:

    Thank you for sharing this kaibigan. Now, I know how to get rid of stains on my plastic wares here… Miss ka na namin.

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