Back in the Classroom

September 15, 2010

I recently started taking classes again in an effort to finish a long overdue degree.  Due to my upcoming economic downturn, i feel this was the world’s way of forcing me back into the classroom.  It seems no matter what class you take or job you work at, there’s going to be that one obnoxious person who’s always got something to say, but really doesn’t say anything. 

These people are easily recognizable.  They are generally young, full of energy, a little too ambitious and somewhat oblivious as to how they are perceived.  I spotted one within the first five minutes of class when we were asked to go around the room, introducing ourselves.  She flung her hand up without hesitation to volunteer to go first.  A Freshman, i thought.  How young. Oh, the lessons she has yet to learn

My thought train almost ran off the tracks when she said she was a senior.  Huh?  Have you learned nothing in these four years?  How is it possible to emerge from college without learning the art of keeping your mouth shut?  Just because the grade is weighted heavily on participation, doesn’t mean you have to rattle off every little fortune cookie your mind cracks open.

Perhaps i am old or too afraid to speak the first thought that jumps into my head.  A friend recently told me that you say it best when you say nothing at all.  How true!  The unspoken can often be super-charged with meaning.  And much more enjoyable to listen to, or not hear at all.


One Response to “Back in the Classroom”

  1. mama b Says:

    alli, what an observant girl you are.
    I’m home, and look forward to seeing you.

    school can be a hospital for knowledge,but you have to be patient.

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