September 30, 2010

We were supposed to bring research to class today on a historical figure.   A dead historical figure.  Our professor told us to write about what we are obsessed with.  To keep a notebook of anything related to that obsession.  I really struggled with this assignment.  I have no obsession with a historical figure.  The only thing i’m obsessed with right now is Burning Man.  Conversations seem dull and empty if i don’t evoke at least one BM reference.

My first thought was to do a piece that featured Larry Harvey, (co)founder of BM, but he is not dead and therefore falls out of the scope of our assignment.  Even historical events interest me more than people.  People of significance don’t stand out to me as much as those who are behind the scenes.  Perhaps this is because i feel part of this underground society.  I notice the unnoticeable, what people overlook, never see.  Truly great people never draw attention to their greatness.  There is no research or biographies on these people.  Someone has deemed them unworthy of notoriety.


6 Responses to “Obsession”

  1. Rico Mambo Says:

    Because, no prophet is honored in his own place. So what did you write?

    • neblinoso Says:

      Very wise words my friend. I was going to write about Poe, but i just can’t shake the Burning Man topic. It’s much more prevalent in my life. I NEED to write about it.

  2. Allie, I love it. You have another 2 fans here! I think our BM family would be very interested in reading this – you should send them a link.

  3. Chris Says:

    if you bend the requirements, the Burning Man himself is dead, and a man.

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