Hardtimes with Hardware

October 20, 2010

A few weekends ago i redid my kitchen.  And by redid, i mean painted and updated some of the hardware.  And by some of the hardware, i mean only the knobs and handles, because there is no such thing as a silver, 3/8″ offset, surface-mounted hinge. 

When i brought in the hinge to Lowe’s as an example of the type of replacement hinge i would need, the Hardware Lady snatched it out of my hand, exclaiming how elegant and beautiful it was.  I responded with, “I hate them.  They’re too ornate.”  This was not the correct response in which to avoid a lecture on the differences between what people in my age group and her age group appreciated.

I must still be angry about this diversion in my renovation plans as this was not at all the subject i intended to discuss and have since needed to change my post title.  I was initially angry with my lack of pre-research which now led to a review of over 1,000 hinges in an online search and trekking around the city to various wood, cabinet-making stores instead of time spent finishing the kitchen.

What i did find out was that this hinge is so outdated there isn’t a newer, more modern style available.  I was able to find this exact hinge, though.  Figures.  And even though i wasted nearly two hours squeezing wood filling into the holes in the cabinet doors and then sanding them down for painting, only to end up reusing them by spray painting them with a matching color and redrilling those holes i just filled, they have become more inconspicuous and the shiny, new silver screws is enough of a hinge hardware update to satisfy my taste.

Next time you’re redoing your kitchen, i’d be happy to be a consultant, because it’s going to be a long time before my newfound kitchen hardware knowledge will be put to use in my own home.


One Response to “Hardtimes with Hardware”

  1. susie perrett Says:

    OK, I love your blog, but of course, the home improvement one struck a chord with my brain. Thank you for the laughs…..not at your expense, but because you so artfully tapped into the experience and allowed me to so totally identify with the events and your feelings. :0)

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