Hair Talk

February 1, 2011

My hair is leaving cryptic messages in the shower.  Usually two letters at a time.  G and L one week.  L and U another.  Today an N.

What does it mean?  Are they spelling out one long word which i have to rearrange?  Is each instance reflective of an individual word or phrase?  It’s as if there is some secret message trying to reach me, getting lost in the cosmic waves of energy.

I need the answer.  If only i could decode my hair, i’m sure the message would lead to my betterment.  Perhaps it is the name of a city i should move to or a company where i should investigate employment opportunities.

I have begun to take more showers in the hopes of obtaining more letters.  I even tried leaving a notebook on the sink so the letters could immediately be recorded before they washed away, slipping out of form towards the drain.  I promptly abandoned this method as soapy hands and escaping steam did not agree with the paper.  This led me to wonder if there was such a thing as waterproof paper.  Why not, right?  What if i was scuba diving and suddenly had a brilliant idea about inventing waterproof paper?  How would i be able to jot it down?  I like to write ideas and thoughts down as soon as they appear at the front of my brain, before they are sucked back and swallowed by the banality of life.

My shower was silent today.  It has some kind of control over me.  Maybe it knows i’m not ready for more letters.  Maybe i don’t have all the clues yet to decipher its meaning.  Maybe it means nothing.


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