The Power of Power

March 14, 2011

I have not experienced a power outage in over a month.  This is a pretty good record considering my luck as of late.  It all began on my last day of work.  I was laid off mid-December and arrived that last day to find the building in darkness.  It never did come back on and those of us left decided to head to the bar early.

A month later, the first day of my part-time job, the power went out within a half hour of me walking in the door.  Most of the staff were in the back room in a meeting and i sat down to join them, excited to fill my days with anything but the depression of unemployment.  When the lights went out and the silence of no buzzing electricity filled the room, I looked up perplexed.  I left after 3 hours and it still had not come back on.  Was this a sign?  I am always looking for signs.

Less than a week later, i was at a bar for my birthday watching one of the NFL playoff games.  My boyfriend and i had settled into our seats, chosen beers and were two sips in when the power went out.  This time it came back on within 10 to 15 minutes.

Several weeks later i was at a friends going over my weekend duties as their dogsitter.   We were standing in the kitchen when it happened.  I explained to them that it was probably my fault as none of these events could be connected to any major storms or cars knocking down poles or even squirrels chasing each other over the heavy cables stretched between poles.

I’ve always had difficulty with electronic devices.  At my former job, i was known for having unusual computer problems no one else had.  Non-official research has led me to conclude that i have some weird magnetic aura that occasionally disrupts the cosmic waves, causing massive power failure.

I have to believe it means something.  And maybe it’s as simple as i just live in a city that has frequent outages, but i really don’t believe that.  It’s bigger.

I found out at my gym this morning that the power went out the night before.  I can feel the energy of another power outage, and it’s closing in on me.  Ready to electrocute my senses into some other realm.

Tomorrow is the first day of my new full-time career.  We’ll see what happens.


2 Responses to “The Power of Power”

  1. Chris Says:

    that sounds like a lot of power outages for one person to experience. Are you sure you aren’t traveling with large magnets in your purse?

    Have you ever considered tracking these occurrences?

    It is hard to believe that it really is related to you, but that is a lot power choosing to be out in your presence.

    Have you offended the god of electrons?

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