Dear Jessica

April 8, 2011

I am in love with you.  And since i don’t really know anything about you personally, i guess i am more in love with your music.  In love with your artistic adroitness at expressing the aching emotions of my past with your hauntingly sultry, heart-breaking voice and piercing stare.

The first time i saw you, it was at a concert for the black keys.  You were their opener, playing an outdoor venue on cleveland’s west bank.  The sky looked like a painting that day—colored in deep purples and pinks and glowing yellows and oranges.  As much as i enjoyed hearing the bks, they didn’t leave as memorable an impression and i left craving more of your “languid drawl“.

I’m not one of those crazy fans who follows you around to all your shows.  That’s just not feasible.  Nor have i ever spoken with you, though i imagine i would feel considerably intimidated by your incredible talent, uniqueness and beauty—rare for someone so young—even though i am 10+ years older than you.  I am smitten with your mastery of music, the way you stare into the crowd, seducing us into your dark dream.


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