Drew Carey Hair

April 16, 2011

Okay, so my knowledge of what the current tv shows are is pretty lame.  I’m still working my way through all the Golden Girls episodes.  I’m also fairly oblivious to which celebrities are making headlines, who’s just been eliminated on American Idol and the latest Lady Gaga fashion statement.

I’m not completely out of the loop.  I do glean some info from the general murmur of life—overheard conversions, magazine articles, online news headlines.  And every now and then, when i venture away from the BBC, i stumble on a show that captures my attention and holds it all the way through till the end.

Recent channel surfing led me to a show on the GSN called Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza.  I immediately knew i would love this show as it is reminiscent of, if not almost exactly like, Whose Line Is It Anyway?  I loved that show.  I love improv.  It was one of my fav classes in college.

What was more shocking than finding this show, however, was the hair on Drew Carey’s head.  When did he get hair?  And why does he dye it that weird blonde color? Was it always that color?  Am i just dense?  Has he really always had hair but just kept it short, and why have i never noticed this before?  See for yourself.

Drew Carey Show

The Price Is Right


In any case, he looks much better with hair.  And i do love hair!

I won’t even get into how on this same night Charlie Sheen made a guest appearance and pretty much proved how un-comedic he truly is.  Charlie Sheen, in fact, sucks monkey ass at improvisation.  But this has already been known.  His train wreck is unavoidable.  I think in this case, Drew Carey is the one that’s winning.


4 Responses to “Drew Carey Hair”

  1. marcia pella Says:

    I think it looks just fine. mature, and neat. If the color is dyed I bet it is pretty close to what his real hair would be. It is actually white, not blonde.

  2. Larry Says:

    He’s had hair in every show, its just been very short almost high and tight style, and at times has appeared blond or more reddish. In whose line it often looks more red, but supposedly its blond. Strawberry?

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