Never Gone

April 27, 2011

It’s been one year since your death.  Physically you are gone.  Mentally you have pulled up a cozy chair in the corners of my mind, waiting patiently for my sorrow to pass.  You are never truly gone.  You just found a different way to communicate.

I still imagine that you are in school, finishing up your last year, preparing for the real world.  Why is it even called that?  It’s not as real as you might think.  It’s mostly fake.  A giant cover up to take your focus away from The Suffering.  But maybe you knew that already, recognized the masks.  It is the mask that gets old, while underneath the paint stays fresh and poignant.  Some of us can see past the mask, and all we see is sorrow and hurt and pain.  And sometimes, it’s just too much.


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