Dear Sensei,

September 20, 2011

You truly are my hero.  You gave me a gift that turned the intangible to tangible.  You allowed me to let go, to forget, to trust that you would be there to hold my hand.

You held me up and i got lost in the stars, wandering through galaxies.  i flew away with a hummingbird and it took me to heaven, whispering in my ear, making me giggle with delight.

You brought me water and danced through the dust, steadying my stumble.  i tasted the sweet air, mesmerized by the pulsing shapes that surged all around me.

i rode  a shooting star, leaving a trail of  butterflies that kissed the music flowing through the night.  You brought me home, gave me peace, gifted unconditional love.

You are beautiful, admirable, and your spirit is decorated with love.

You are magical,


our Sensei.


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