Burning Man Memory Dump

October 9, 2011

I had so many new and awesome experiences at Burning Man 2011 and i wanted to capture them before they faded away.  This is my Burning Man memory dump:

hug mob | “i think i have to go to the bathroom” | playa surfers | tool manicure set | the art car ride that couldn’t | tiny rubber chicken | “i just wanna stay with the group” | brownies for breakfast | toothbrush cart | mid-day car wash | pink mammoth bartenders | the gatorade is not what it seems | “that’s my husband” | Bill from Marion | fire-dancing dangers | Glisten | skeleton wheel | bike biff | rogue costume cone | blocking chairs | gigglepants | the day i found everyone | furred bike | flower head | the wal-mart cart boogie | watermelon and basket o’ chicken man | my burn buddy | hoola-hooping hypnotics | robot heart sunrise party | balloon man | grandma | dusty temple day | led flower garden | black light lounge | the ticket gate line-up | bike maintenance day | the jellyfish water dance | perspective letter blocks | sensei | cigarette arm burn | the cold towel cool down | the boy who lost his bike | ” i think i saw a shooting star” | dancing camp lights | the ice trip t-shirt swap | where’s waldo gaggle | bunny hat | blue coat sewing day | kilts | the hummingbird | jaw massage | laser clock | the light that wouldn’t go out | the red muppet purse | rv crash out | LOVE | the night i learned to let go | the white watch | stu and the map nap | suitcase in the head | pink chair reservations | mayhem | bride woman | emergency vehicle standoff | “I’m just gonna go and get run over” | zombie bike ride


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