Say You’ll Remember

September 12, 2012

i found the song.  the one that carried us across the desert into the mountains. the one that made me feel invincible, like i was living a dream—at the edge of the earth, unafraid of the free-fall.  we were survivors of a utopian apocalypse, heading to a dusty promised land.  the cold, clean air awoke my sense of the now, the past fading in the sunset, the future unfolding in front of us—whispers in the wind.  i flew along, arms outstretched, submerged in the scent of pine.  i held on tight, pocketing each second, keeping secret an anonymous consciousness.  waiting for the wink of the transcendental eye to tell me it was the end of time, that we had reached eternity’s ring road and would forever circle the stream of life bathed in purity.  but i lost you in the dust, slipping into a disorienting trance, awakening with no recollection of our origami allegory.


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