Royal Wedding Fever

May 2, 2011

I don’t know why, but i am completely obsessed with all the Royal Wedding stuff.  My sister says i am changing, whatever that means, but it’s true that this type of event usually doesn’t rank high on my list of must-sees.  Perhaps it stems from my love of all things English (and maybe the tiny sliver of  ancestry that is English), especially words like whilst and betwixt.  Just typing them makes me all giddy. They’re just so darn proper.

Last weekend i spent at least 8 hours watching various BBC shows whose subjects centered around April 29th’s big event.  There was a show about Kate’s fashion, Will and Harry’s time spent in the British Armed Forces, Kate and Will before the engagement, the modern monarchy, the history of marriages in royal families and on and on.

I’m not the only one that went nuts for the Royal Wedding. Did you see all those people in wedding dress costumes who waited for hours just to get a glimpse at Kate’s?  Even the normally calm and reserved BBC correspondents gasped aloud when Kate emerged from her Rolls Royce (Phantom VI) carriage onto the red carpet leading into Westminster Abbey.

ring pop royalty

Bazooka Candy Brands issued a limited edition ring pop modeled after Kate’s sapphire engagement ring.  Who can say there’s a freakin’ ring pop modeled after their engagement ring?!!  Not many.

Brewery’s even made special royal wedding beers.  One is called the Royal Virility Performance brew, made by Brew Dog and rumored to be laced with viagra.  Even beer is named all fancy and proper.  Okay, so they do also have a beer called the Trashy Blonde, but it was probably named after some stupid American girl.  There’s also the Windsor Knot and Kiss Me Kate brews.

It was such a momentous event.  And the tradition is so old. And that’s sooooo cool.  And how many little girls dream of marrying a prince one day and actually DO it?  I love fairy tales and i’m not even the type of girl who knows everything they want for their wedding and who’s been dreaming about it since they were a little girl.  Hell, I don’t even want to get married.  But i’m obsessed!  I even cried while watching the wedding!  Cried!  I’m about to cry right now just thinking about it!  It was so beautiful and all British-y with their accents and fancy hats and horse-drawn carriages and beefeaters and motets.

This is an historical event!  One i may never get to see again.  Of course, there’s always Prince Harry’s wedding to consider, and he is a bit more captivating.  And the royal baldness hasn’t quite taken over.  And if you know me, you know how much i love hair!


Drew Carey Hair

April 16, 2011

Okay, so my knowledge of what the current tv shows are is pretty lame.  I’m still working my way through all the Golden Girls episodes.  I’m also fairly oblivious to which celebrities are making headlines, who’s just been eliminated on American Idol and the latest Lady Gaga fashion statement.

I’m not completely out of the loop.  I do glean some info from the general murmur of life—overheard conversions, magazine articles, online news headlines.  And every now and then, when i venture away from the BBC, i stumble on a show that captures my attention and holds it all the way through till the end.

Recent channel surfing led me to a show on the GSN called Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza.  I immediately knew i would love this show as it is reminiscent of, if not almost exactly like, Whose Line Is It Anyway?  I loved that show.  I love improv.  It was one of my fav classes in college.

What was more shocking than finding this show, however, was the hair on Drew Carey’s head.  When did he get hair?  And why does he dye it that weird blonde color? Was it always that color?  Am i just dense?  Has he really always had hair but just kept it short, and why have i never noticed this before?  See for yourself.

Drew Carey Show

The Price Is Right


In any case, he looks much better with hair.  And i do love hair!

I won’t even get into how on this same night Charlie Sheen made a guest appearance and pretty much proved how un-comedic he truly is.  Charlie Sheen, in fact, sucks monkey ass at improvisation.  But this has already been known.  His train wreck is unavoidable.  I think in this case, Drew Carey is the one that’s winning.

The Star Trek Transport

August 28, 2010

I love the BBC for many reasons. One of them is Star Trek: TNG.  My favorite character is Data because he’s always curious about the human condition.  Last night i was watching Nemesis and then later the 2009 J.J. Abrams version and i noticed something. 

The transporter beam lights went from vertically dematerializing your matter in TNG to a horizontal swirl in the lastest film.  Since the 2009 film was like a prequel to late 60’s era shows, did the technology begin with horizontal swirling and then the vertical lift?  Or was the horizontal swirl an improvement in film editing tools in comparison with the other adaption’s technology?

Now, although i would categorize myself as a trekkie, i am not at the hard-core-fan level yet.  That’s the point where you can name the date Elementary, Dear Data first aired.  I am merely a liker and observer . . . a very, detail-oriented observer.