Bathroom Etiquette

July 9, 2010

I’m sure many of you work in a place with an “employee only” type of restroom.  Personally, i feel there are certain rules that apply whilst inhabiting these CRs, but it seems not everyone is on board with the type of etiquette i feel is appropriate when sharing a bathroom with others. 

Here are some tips for better bathroom etiquette:

  1. Make sure all deposits have been sufficiently vanquished.  No one wants to see any evidence of what the previous person had for lunch…or dinner the night before.
  2. Remove any and all hairs.  This includes the ones draped over the seat, dipping their follicles in the bowl, as well as the shorter (perhaps curly?) kind.
  3. Do not spray air freshener over the wall of an occupied stall. I appreciate the effort to cover up your stank, but could you at least wait until the person has exited? This shower of fake, fresh-smelling fumigation leaves the same odor on your clothes and a slightly uncomfortable sticky sensation on your skin.  Yuck!
  4. Keep the grunting and sighing to a minimum. I really don’t need to hear an audible storyline of your struggles.
  5. Wipe the counter if you created a mini ocean whilst washing your office kitchenware.  I have soaked the bottoms of so many purses and bags because of this inconsiderate behaviour. 

I’m sure those of you reading this have your own wish-list of bathroom dos and don’ts, so please comment with your personal pet-peeves.