The Adirondack Angle

May 18, 2010

My trip to Home Depot last weekend turned into a lesson in space and size ratios.  Like most trips to the store, i arrive, list in hand, prepared to go in, get what i need and leave promptly.  And like most trips to the store, i always go home with at least one item that wasn’t on my list.

This particular day it was two adirondack chairs.  They jumped into the corner of my eye as i made my way to the garden center.  I imagined how relaxed i would be, lazing in my new adirondack chair on the backyard patio, listening to birds whist enjoying the beautiful flowers of my garden, sipping a cool beverage to quench the hot summer sun.  I had to have these chairs!

Getting them onto a cart was a struggle.  Getting them into my car, along with the ten other bags of garden products was a challenge.  Luckily, the couple who was parked next to me arrived just as i was trying to figure out how to get the chairs to fit into my car. 

They were definitely not going into the back, even with the front seats all the way up.  “Put em on their back side in the trunk,” the older gentleman said.  He proceeded to pick up the chairs, place them in the trunk and secure them with twine and a bungee cord.

“They sure don’t make ’em to fit much these days, do they?

What nice people!  I thanked him for his help, driving away with andirondack chairs dancing in my head . . . .