I recently went on a road trip to visit a friend who lives in the NYC area.  Though i’ve been to the City far less times than my fellow road trippers, this was the first time i experienced it without being all touristy.  I really enjoy the “immerse yourself” mentality and don’t like to stand out as a tourist.

One day, after shopping at the unique boutiques in the east village, we made our way to a bar for drinks.   While outside for a smoke break, a man approached us asking for a light.  He shuffled us inside, bought us drinks and we hung out with him for the rest of the night.  A fascinating man, currently a tour guide, giving travelers the ultimate (even customizable!) new york adventure.  I would highly recommend checking out his website.  He will surely give you an experience like no other.

Traveling isn’t necessarily about seeing all the sites, sometimes, it’s just about the people – meeting new ones and enjoying the company of friends.  My NYC experience was about learning how to make puffs, finding the door to Narnia in a restaurant storefront and Dance O’clocking every night!