Fill ‘er up!

May 11, 2010

I am often amused by overheard conversations.  I don’t try to be noisy, but sometimes, you can’t help but hear what people are discussing, especially when they are loud.  A few weeks ago i was at the Toyota dealership and one of the cashiers was telling a mechanic about a bad waiter at some resto who was taking forever to refill her soda. 

Her thinking was, how long does it take to open a can of soda and pour it into a glass?  What she had not known was that most food establishments, if not all of them, use fountain drinks, which is basically a bag of syrup mixed with the fizzy stuff (carbon dioxide) and water. 

Has she never visited a fast food establishment and had to fill her own cup?  Did she think cans of soda were poured into the fountain machines?  Is it really possible to go through 20+ years of your life and not know about this?  Am i privy to this secret knowledge because my fast food job in high school required me to change out these bags of syrup when they ran out? 

Do others really think when you order a soda at a restaurant, someone is actually opening cans and bottles to fill your glass?  Just think of all the recycling!  I’m hoping this was a  rare instance in what i would consider a soda-sheltered life.