Wining and Dining

June 27, 2010

At some point in my drinking age, i acquired a taste for wine.  Some of the girls i work with decided to take a winery road trip and visit some of the local vineyards, about a 45-minute drive outside of Cleveland. 

We lunched at our first stop, Ferrante Winery.  Their food was incredible!  I had the gnocchi dish, which i learned was a noodlesque dumpling made from potatoes.  Sooooo heavenly.  I may not have been able to pronounce it, but i sure enjoyed its deliciousness.

After some scrumptious desserts we hit the gift shop to purchase wine and then headed to the South River Vineyard.  The tasting room is housed in a quaint church originally built in 1892 and then dismantled and moved to its current location in 2002.  We sampled some of their choices and then settled on a glass.  I, being the least coordinated, spilled about a third of my wine when my elbow struck the corner of the bar causing wine to slosh over my hand.  Wine may be classy, but i am certainly not.

With (almost) full glasses, we headed outside to explore.  Adirondack chairs lined an outdoor pavilion overlooking the vineyard.  Cori’s chair looked like it was going to be gobbled up by the tree behind her, so we had to take advantage of that photo op. 

When the last of our wine had been sipped, we piled back in the car and decided to make the Debonné Vineyards our last stop for the day. 

Cori and i tried a sampler featuring eight wines, along with a selection of cheeses and meats.  Others chose to try the ice wine, which comes in a miniature wine glass small enough to fit in your mouth.  When you start seeing if tiny wine glasses will fit in your mouth, that’s the sign you’ve had enough wine for the day.

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