November 15, 2010

I have always been drawn to electronic music.  The Germans were the ones that hooked me with their eurodance groups like Culture Beat and Real McCoy.  The first time i heard Run Away, i knew this was the type of music i wanted to hear all the time.  The type of music that can transport you into a futuristic world where all that matters is the sync with your body as it ingests beats.

There is something so immediate and primal about electronic music, especially dubstep.  And last night, while jerking to the warbling sounds of DJ Phaded i realized it was also the staccato-esque beats i really like.  It punctures me with movement.  I can’t be still while listening to any music that has a beat.

Somewhere in between the beat-poking and evocation of an alien landscape, i am carried back to the desert.  It will always be the desert.  The desert of Burning Man.  And with my eyes closed i imagine i am in the middle of a crowd, united in movement, in an intangible freedom, in peace and love, and i find myself licking my lips for the sweetness of the playa.



September 19, 2010

Once a month, there is (sadly, only) one place in Cleveland you can go hear dubstep music.  I have been looking forward to this night at Touch ever since my return from the desert.  I’ve been grasping for anything that will recreate even a second of what i experienced at Burning Man.

Headliner DJ Chef laid out some wicked beats, which did take me back to those nights on the playa.  Music has that amazing ability to transport you into a euphoric mindset.    But music wasn’t the only element that made Burning Man so great. 

While i was in the restroom, i met a girl who happened to be from San Francisco.  About 95% of the people i met at Burning Man were from San Francisco.  Not too surprising as that was where the event originated.  I immediately loved this girl.  We chatted about how awesome the music was and our Burning Man stories.  All i want to talk about is Burning Man.  Talking about it keeps it close.  Keeps it alive.

Later that night as i moved up towards the DJ booth, i found myself behind the SF girl.  She turned around recognizing me and jump-hugged me.  I felt so at home i wanted to cry.  And i loved her even more.  I miss a lot of things about Burning Man.  One of those is the hugs.  You can’t meet anyone without getting a hug.  There was even a booth devoted to giving out free hugs.

I knew the dubstep would temporarily rekindle my Burning Man flame, but the hug, that one hug from pretty much a stranger, that will carry me just a little bit longer.