Every year, during the month of March, i get the privilege of working for the Cleveland International Film Festival.  This will be my 10th year as a ticket sales staffer.  I love working the festival and look forward to it every year.  We like to refer to it as camp.  We are reunited with old friends we only get to see once a year and meet new ones who we then look forward to seeing the next year. Once the festival is over, we slip back into our lives, exhausted and smelling like the The Tower City food court.

As a staffer, the festival is like heaven and hell combined.  I always have a great time.  And by Day 11, i never want to see the inside of Tower City again.  Here are some of my thoughts Day 1 vs. Day 11:

Day 1: Yeah, Opening Night!
Day 11: Yeah, Closing Night!

Day 1: These stools remind me to have good posture.
Day 11:  Would someone please get me a frickin’ chair with a back?!!

Day 1: It’s so great having a job where i get to interact with other people.
Day 11: Don’t talk to me!

Day 1: I can’t wait to catch up with everyone.
Day 11: How many times are you going to tell me the same story?  I haven’t seen you for a year and this is all you’ve got?

Day 1: I’m going to bring healthy meals with me to work so i don’t have to spend money and eat gross Tower City food court meals.
Day 11: I’m going to need to detox my body from all those Tower City food court meals i ate.

Day 1: Oooh, Yay, FREE popcorn!
Day 11:  That popcorn smell makes me want to vomit.

Day 1: I can’t wait to check out some eye candy!
Day 11: Why are all the hot guys gay?

Day 1: [Energetically] I love working for the Film Festival!
Day 11: [Exhausted and somewhat delirious]  I had a great time working for the Film Festival.